Importance of Metal Jacketing Industries

Published: 03rd October 2011
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Metal jacketing is used to provide protection to insulated pipes and other equipment from weather and mechanical weathering. Many industries like the petrochemical industries, refineries, etc. require metal jacketing systems. The metal jacketing is also used to protect insulation materials applied on surfaces which act as thermal barriers to protect from physical damage. One of the major enemies of most of the insulation material is moisture.

It reduces the working efficiency of the insulation material and reduces the thermal insulation provided. Metal jacketing provides a good protection against moisture to such insulation materials.

Metal jacketing systems are manufactured in many shapes and from many materials. Inert metals are preferred to produce metal jacketing. Some of the most common materials used are:

  • Aluminum jacketing
  • Stainless steel jacketing
  • Fittings and elbows
  • Corrugated sheets
  • Accessories
  • Strapping tools
  • Fastening devices
  • Springs
  • Fabstraps

Aluminum jacketing is usually produces in rolls. This particular metal jacketing comes with the option of smooth of stucco embossed finish, choices in moisture barrier, etc. Stainless steel jacketing is manufactured from high quality stainless steel like T-304 to meet industry standards. The melting points of these high quality steel used in manufacturing stainless steel jacketing are in the range from 1400 degree centigrade to provide excellent resistance to heat related issues. Like aluminum jacketing, stainless steel jacketing is also available in smooth finish, stucco embossed finish, mill finish, etc. It is used to provide protection from corrosion and added thermal protection. The most common industries using stainless steel jacketing are refineries and industries dealing with chemical compounds. It is also used in the segment where one needs to deal with the issue of high temperatures. Owing to these properties the recommended areas of usage of stainless steel are:

  1. Protection from corrosion
  2. Excellent protection from fire related hazards
  3. Sectors that expect high physical abuse and thus require better protection from wear and tear.

Polysurlyn is used as a laminating material to provide moisture barrier for all kinds of metal jacketing systems. Polysurlyn is consists of 3 layers of film pressed together to form a single layer. It has better performance against moisture and thus is extensively used in place of polykraft in the latest metal jacketing systems. The three layers are made of high performance layer of high density polyethylene, surlyn and low density polyethylene. The advantages of using Polysurlyn are:

  1. It shows the least likelihood of absorbing water.
  2. Excellent inertness to moisture. It resists physical deterioration or discoloration on prolonged exposure.
  3. Possess high physical stability and is tough. This property comes handy during installation process as abrasion is reduced.
  4. It is highly durable and is inert to a wide range of contaminants.

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